AskelAid concept

AskelAid offers High Quality Podiatric Expertise, which provides professionals with a complete package to solve foot and lower extremity problems. The well-being of the feet is fundamental for an active and happy life. The foot is the base for the entire cinetic chaing of the body. The structure of the foot is complex and therefore the analysis of the movement of the feet and lower extremities must always be done functionally and three dimentionally. Understanding the function of the feet and treatment of various problems requires special expertise.


AskelAid-therapy concept (including education and insoles) have been developed in Finland by physiotherapists specialized in podiatric physiotherapy, who has more than 20 years of experiment in treating foot and lower extremity disorders.
AskelAid-education program has been created for all podiatric professionals and education will organized in Finland and abroad and it includes:

  • Examination of the feet and lower extremities (without weightbearing: bony structure, joint movements, muscle activity and in stand position body balance checking).
  • Evaluateing of needs for insole, which means precise and functional (walking/running) examination of feet and lower extremities. Guidance how to prepare the insoles, all the materials and equipments needed to make the insoles. If needed the camera will be used to take the captures of walking or running techniques.
  • Examples for active exercises, manual techniques and taping techniques.

AskelAid insoles have been developed as a tool for podiatric professionals to correct foot malfunctions and support the proper functioning of the foot. The insoles improve the effects of active rehabilitation and offer pleasant and effective support for the customer in treating musculoskeltal foot and lower extremity disorders. The insoles works hand in hand with functional training, taping and manual techniques.



The insole is made up of a surface layer and an add-on layer.

The termoplastic inside of the surface part is customized individually according to customer’s foot ensuring a perfect fit.

Lämpomuovattava pohjallismuotti

The add-on layer is used to repair foot malfunctions. Its shape is used to control the foot and the whole lower extremity towards the neutral position and movement.

AskelAid kiilakasetti


Made of very resistant microfiber. The surface is comfortable suede-like.

Made of genuine leather coated with Core-Tex.

Breathable and resistant to multidirectional stresses.

AskelAid pohjalliset

Heater for insoles
To ensure the perfect and individual fit for customer’s feet the insoles needs to be heated. When termoplastic inside of insole is soft it can be customized to customer’s feet.


AskelAid heater

Pillows to mold the insoles
When termoplastic inside of insole is soft, insole can be molded and it will take the shape of customer’s foot.


AskelAid muotinottoteline

To finish the exact and individual shape of insoles, there is a need for glue and a grinding machine. The surface part and the add-on layer part will placed together with the glue. Then the insoles will be grinded. We recommend that you should look for grinding machine to your needs from your own country.

We also offer professional tutoring, marketing materials and support according to our products.

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